Muberry Property Management

Property Maintenance

Mulberry PM delivers property maintenance that is both cost effective and meets the highest possible standards.  We achieve this through our core working practices which ensure consistency of staff, complete transparency, demonstrable value for money and a friendly, professional service at all times.

We have no in-house labour or associated companies so there’s no conflict of interest. Our extensive list of approved contractors covers every aspect of property maintenance and we are always happy to add recommended contractors.

All works are completed by local independent contractors and are competitively tendered to demonstrably deliver best-value.

Our property managers visit every site regularly to proactively handle maintenance matters and manage contractors. Our comprehensive services include urgent repairs: minor items are quickly overseen by our team and larger more complex works are put out to tender.

We keep abreast of all health and safety legislation, fire regulations and British standards, for your protection. Our team keeps a close note of every inspection necessary to keep properties or facilities safe, to ensure that all required inspections are carried out, and that any shortfall is acted on as a matter of urgency.

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