Muberry Property Management

Company Secretarial Services

Appointing Mulberry PM as company secretary for resident management companies takes the strain from directors and ensures all agreed corporate procedures are followed.

Our vast experience means we can deliver efficient company administration which fulfils all legal obligations. Directors can avoid conflict of interest and reduce any risk of liability from what is essentially a voluntary and temporary role.

Our company secretary services include:

  • Updating official documentation including the certificate of incorporation (recording the formation of the company) and articles of association (setting out the company’s purpose).
  • Compliance services: ensuring the leasehold company complies with all necessary legislation, and that statutory records and documents are submitted on time and made available for public inspection.
  • Maintaining the registered office, complying with AGM and board meeting rules and attending board meetings to take minutes.
  • Helping with correspondence between leasehold company directors and members.
  • Working with lawyer where needed on legal advice re contracts and contractors.
  • Maintaining the company statutory books including the share or membership register.
company secreterial
Contact us for a no obligation chat about how Mulberry PM can take on the company secretary role at your resident management company.