Muberry Property Management

Major Works

Major Works are the big maintenance, repairs or improvement jobs carried out on a building, estate or grounds. They are sometimes also known as ‘qualifying works’. The freeholder is responsible for these and the relevant leaseholder/s are required to contribute to them under the terms of their lease.

As managing agent acting on behalf of both landlords and management companies, we can be relied upon to tender, instruct and review all major works schemes, following the correct procedures and ensuring compliance with all regulations throughout.

The majority of works we oversee are paid for from the service charge or reserve funds, which means a specific process is required to ensure compliance with the leasehold law. For example, Section 20 of the Landlord & Tenant Act 1985 says freeholders must consult with all leaseholders if the works are set to cost any leaseholder more than £250.

As an independent company, we offer straightforward advice and introduce trusted experts where required to ensure projects are completed to budget and on schedule.

We undertake Section 20 consultations on behalf of the freeholder, serving three main notices on leaseholders to ensure correct process is observed:

  • Notice of intention: Leaseholders are invited to respond in writing within 30 days. They can suggest a contractor capable of carrying out the works.
  • Notification of estimates: After 30 days, we submit at least two estimates, if possible, to carry out the works. If contractors have been nominated by leaseholders, the estimates must be from at least one of these. We then provide leaseholders with a statement of estimates, along with a summary of leaseholders’ responses from the initial consultation period. Leaseholders have 30 days to respond in writing.
  • Notification of award of contract: Clarification to the leaseholders of which contractor was chosen to carry out the major works and, if the cheapest quote was not taken, an explanation of the reasons behind the decision.
Contact us to discuss how our expertise and experience can arrange and manage major works from the consultation stage to full project delivery in a timely and cost-effective manner.