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Almshouses provide affordable rented accommodation to people who might otherwise not have the means, and who meet the criteria set down by their particular almshouse charity.

King Athelstan reportedly started the almshouse movement in 936 when he was so moved by seeing churchmen in York providing alms to the poor from their own slender resources that he funded a dedicated almshouse for the city’s very poor, elderly and infirm inhabitants.

Over the years benefactors from all walks of life – initially the aristocracy and bishops, then rich mercantile guilds, philanthropists and trade benevolent societies – established almshouses in their areas.

almhouses what they offer

Today there are 1,750 almshouses across the UK providing homes for 36,000 people who might otherwise struggle to pay for accommodation.

Almshouse charities are now mainly run by trustees – volunteers who manage and run them as self-sufficient, low cost community housing. They range from ancient architectural gems to modern developments, and all are run according to the rules, or at least the spirit, of the founding benefactor/s.

Residents are often elderly and usually live in small communities, sometimes with wardens or caretakers. Some almshouses provide accommodation for families and younger people.

Almshouse residents are encouraged to live independent lives with all the privacy and dignity that entails. All residents make maintenance contributions, and ongoing repairs and maintenance are often carried out by management agencies such as Mulberry PM.

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