Muberry Property Management

Residents’ Management Companies

We’ve built trusted and lasting relationships with Residents’ Management Companies (RMCs) over the years and we understand that effective service relies on great communication, exacting standards and value for money.

We appreciate that RMC directors are mostly volunteers and that it’s a huge responsibility to oversee residential blocks’ good maintenance and repair, as well as complying with lease obligations and statutory requirements.

It’s our business to provide that service every day so we’re extremely effective at finding prompt, cost-effective solutions, awarding contracts to approved contractors and ensuring the work meets our very high specifications. We take away the stress and the time it can take to iron out complex issues which can arise from communal living.

A Residents’ Management Company is a company set up to deliver the services on behalf of the landlord to manage the building’s communal areas, a responsibility it may outsource to managing agents.

As an RMC, you’re still in charge and we hold ourselves wholly answerable to you and the other residents you represent. Accounts relating to your residential property are always available and we adhere to strict industry standards with a full audit trail. All client monies are ring-fenced, with all interest credited to that account.

We maintain good communication links all the time, keeping directors up to date with developments and ensuring that we are available to give advice and guidance when needed. We make regular visits to the blocks we manage and happily engage with residents to discuss any particular concerns. Our wide experience provides workable solutions and a proactive approach to settling any disputes or other issues. Everyone in our team respects each resident’s right to live in a welcoming, clean and safe shared environment – and to know that their service charge is worth every penny.

Speak to us about how we can help you manage your residential block.