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Great block management begins when development plans are being drawn up – and continues to uphold the reputation of the developer long after the last property has been sold.

Mulberry PM offers block and estate management advice on all aspects of new build residential, commercial and mixed use developments. Our pre-build design suggestions can help make maintenance easier to deliver, save on-going costs, and ensure lasting satisfaction from residents.

property development

We work for the benefit of both future residents and the developer, while the developers concentrate on their core business.

Developers value our input when drawing up individual leases and/or freehold covenants, so purchasers are fully aware of the service charges and appreciate the value they add to their shared environment. This makes service charge recovery easier, with less prospect of misunderstandings and challenges later on. We are happy to contribute to sales literature aimed at explaining the service charge process and answering common queries.

As long-term residential block managers, we are familiar with the potential pitfalls of both new and established property developments, and adept at heading them off at the earliest stage. Our focus on customer satisfaction and friendly, professional approach helps property development get off to a flying start and cruise to continued success.

property developers
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