Muberry Property Management


No matter how big or small your estate or development is, we’ll tailor our maintenance service to ensure its open spaces and facilities remain safe and attractive for both residents and users. Our bespoke, cost-effective programme covers urgent repairs and on-going maintenance in communal areas.

We oversee the tendering of long-term maintenance contracts, striving to deliver the best value without compromising quality.

All contractors are instructed in a fair, objective and transparent manner so directors can remain confident in the efficiency and value of our service.

You can trust us to take care of areas including:

  • Private street lighting (or working with the local authority for any public lighting)
  • Pavements (from potholes to gritting)
  • Tree management
  • Drainage and wastewater tanks
  • The operation and gritting of car parks
  • Maintenance of access routes and unadopted roadways
  • Parkland management
  • Fencing
  • Play areas
  • Garden maintenance – from formal gardens to wildlife habitats
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