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How to Change Agents

Transferring to a better managing agent is usually a straightforward process and our team at Mulberry PM will guide you through, taking away much of the administration involved.

We liaise directly with all tenants, contractors, suppliers and former agents, and arrange the transfer of all financial and legal data, such as accounts and leases. This ensures a smooth changeover and minimises the time and energy our clients have to spend on the process.

If you’re considering switching, give us a call for an informal chat so we can understand the legal framework and nature of your development and advise you accordingly. Sometimes you have to take formal steps which may sound daunting but we’ll explain the jargon and legalese and take away most of the heavy work.

The authority needed to switch agents depends on the management structure in your residential block. It’s necessary to obtain the agreement of whoever has the power to effect change – usually the majority of leaseholders, the freeholder, or the residents’ management company (RMC).

These are common situations:

  • Tri-Partite Lease (Three named parties to the lease: the freeholder, RMC and each leaseholder) – Directors of the RMC are likely to have to power to appoint a new managing agent.
  • Bi-Partite Lease (Freeholder and each leaseholder) – The freeholder can appoint the managing agent.
  • Leaseholders can join together to make a Right to Manage claim to appoint a managing agent.

New Developments

If you’re a developer working on a new-build project which will need a managing agent, we can help from an early stage by setting a service charge budget, implementing service contracts and working alongside solicitors to formulate the lease appropriately to reflect the requirements of the property.

We’re happy to offer advice on an individual basis. Please get in touch for an informal chat or to get the ball rolling with minimal upheaval for you.

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