Muberry Property Management

Social Housing

We help residents feel comfortable in their homes and communities by ensuring that shared areas are safe, well-maintained, and welcoming and that social housing providers meet the required regulatory standards.

Our property management team is experienced at providing reliable and cost-effective repairs and maintenance services for a broad spectrum of properties and tenures, as well as overseeing major project works.

We focus on helping residents feel secure and valued, observing health and safety regulations and providing a friendly, respectful and professional point of contact for each resident. Our staff get to know each development well, to ensure they are knowledgeable and understand any concerns or pressure points.

The importance of delivering value for money for social housing providers is uppermost in our minds, and providers such as local authorities, housing associations, landlords and developers can rely on us to make the best use of resources at all times.

Our services include:

  • Care and maintenance of communal areas.
  • Health and safety compliance including fire regulations.
  • Supporting managers/trustees with residents’ application process.
  • Providing a point of contact for tenants to air any concerns or other feedback.
  • Ensuring that tenants feel involved in decisions affecting them as part of their community.
  • Helping social housing providers to manage their homes in a fair, transparent and efficient way.
  • Overseeing major works and projects.

Contact us to discuss how our caring, professional and highly effective team can help you meet all your social housing obligations in a cost-effective manner while promoting happy and thriving communities.

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