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We have the insight, expertise and clear vision to advise you at every stage of property management, whether you’re drawing up plans, about to take over a property or estate, or thinking of switching to new management. Our input at the planning stage will help developers iron out design errors as we advise on health and safety, fire regulations, waste management and cleaning. Service charges can be difficult to project but we’ll provide estimates which ensure outlay is recovered and residents’ expectations are fulfilled.

We’ll share our operational know-how on maintenance, risk management and compliance, any staffing needs, and ongoing management costs. We’ll deal with the tendering and management of maintenance contracts, and help you navigate your legal and regulatory responsibilities. Because we’re independent and impartial, we add value with our knowledge and sense of perspective, thinking laterally and creatively to come up with solutions to the most complex property needs.


We’ll save you time and effort by collaborating to provide a cost-effective solution to asset optimisation for everyone involved with communal living and working.


Mulberry PM’s Managing Director Anya Mathewson is a firm supporter of almshouses and the role they play in providing secure, affordable and comfortable homes for people in need. As a Regional Champion of the Almshouse Association, Anya offers guidance and support to almshouse trustees across Yorkshire, to help them uphold the aims of helping residents live independently and with dignity.

Mulberry PM provides a specialist property management service to help almshouses meet regulatory demands as well as uphold the founding principles of their charity. Because we’re an independent company, we have the freedom and flexibility to carefully consider the needs of each almshouse and suggest solutions which are in the best interests of both residents and the long-term future of the almshouse itself. For more information, click here.

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