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Anya is Regional Almshouses Champion

24 February 2021

Mulberry PM’s Managing Director Anya Mathewson is flying the flag for the Almshouse Association in Yorkshire after being appointed as the county’s Regional Champion.

Anya is a long-term supporter of the almshouse charities movement, which has provided independent, affordable and dignified living for people in need since the first almshouse was founded in the year 936 in York.

Now the Almshouse Association, a support charity representing more than 1,600 independent almshouse charities across the UK, housing 36,000 people, has asked her to be its representative in Yorkshire.

Announcing the regional appointments, which are voluntary and unpaid, the Almshouse Association said: “The role of the Regional Champion is to support the Association in engaging with members, providing local expertise and identifying those charities that might need a little extra support from our team. They will also provide support with our fundraising activities.”

Anya, who will be the Association’s point of contact for the 150-plus almshouses in Yorkshire, said: “I am passionate about the valuable services provided by almshouse charities and the essential role they play in the housing sector today. It is an honour to be asked to represent the Almshouse Association in Yorkshire and I look forward to getting to know more of its members.”

Mulberry PM has worked with trustees of almshouses in Yorkshire for more than 10 years, offering services including property maintenance and repairs, health and safety compliance, the roles of clerk and treasurer – and providing pastoral help to residents.

Anya is also part of a team working with the Almshouse Association to produce an updated version of the Standards of Almshouse Management manual.

To contact Anya for almshouse help or advice, click here.